Installing KnowIT on to your employees PC

Please make sure you have followed all the steps below before proceeding.

  1. Setting up your KnowIT Employee account

Now that you have done all that it is time to install KnowIT on to your employees PC.

Once you have logged in click the hamburger menu in the top-left corner and click Tools and then click Install Client.

Your KnowIT account will look like this.

Click PC/Mac


Click Download Now for PC and save the installation file to your PC.

Before installing KnowIT you must make sure that KnowIT is either not scanned or is not flagged by the antivirus software running on your employees PC.

We give you advice on how to do this for many different popular PC antivirus programs in the section below.

In a previous article we asked you to make sure that you either wrote down or copied and pasted your KnowIT license code to a safe place because now you will need it to activate the software.

Now that you have configured antivirus settings the next thing to do is run the KnowIT download file you should have saved to your PC. 

KnowIT requires to be ran with Administrator privileges.

When you do this the KnowIT installation wizard will appear.

Click Yes to agree to the license agreement.

If you haven't already configured your antivirus software to run with KnowIT click the Click here for instructions link and follow the steps. Once you have done that return back to the wizard.

Click Next to proceed and wait for KnowIT to be installed.

Once this has been completed you will be asked for your KnowIT activation code.  Please proceed to the next article listed.

Congratulations!  You have now successfully installed KnowIT on to your employees PC.

NEXT: Activating KnowIT on to your employees PC

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