Installing KnowIT on to a rooted Android device

If you are looking to install KnowIT on to a non-rooted Android device please see below.

If you wish to access all of KnowITs features on your employees Android device you have to have rooted their device first before you install KnowIT.  Digital Endpoint has provided rooting guides for many popular Android devices which you can see here.

Once you have rooted the device successfully and you can see a new application installed called SuperSU on your employees Android device it means that the device has been rooted.  Depending on the Android device being used, having rooted the device may not be enough to access all of KnowIT's features.

The following features of KnowIT can only work if the device has been rooted first before installation:

  • Call intercept (listen in to live calls)
  • Spycall (listen in to the device surroundings)
  • Remote updates (update the software remotely)
  • Password grabber (grab the device account passwords)

With KnowIT downloaded on to your employee's Android device you need to run the installation file and follow the steps below.

  1. Enable installation of unknown sources
  2. Download KnowIT to the device
  3. Start the KnowIT installation
  4. Install KnowIT on to the device
  5. Open KnowIT on the device
  6. Open up SuperSU
  7. Configure SuperSU
  8. Disable SuperSU options
  9. Confirm SuperSU configuration
  10. Proceed to verify root access
  11. Start root access check
  12. Grant root permissions to KnowIT
  13. Software runs in Normal Mode
  14. Software runs in Limited mode
  15. Software runs in Full mode
  16. Activate KnowIT on your employees device
  17. Show or hide the KnowIT icon

Congratulations!  You have downloaded, installed and activated KnowIT on to your employees rooted Android device.  Please review the article below to learn how to use the KnowIT online portal to start monitoring the device.



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