Show or hide the KnowIT icon

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The final part of the KnowIT installation is for security purposes. Once you have activated KnowIT successfully you can tap "Yes" to keep the KnowIT visible on your employees device or you can tap "No" to hide the KnowIT icon.

Congratulations!  You have successfully downloaded, installed and activated KnowIT and it is ready to start monitoring your employees device.  The next step is to learn more about KnowIT and how it works using the KnowIT portal.

If you came here from the Activation Wizard, please return to your Dashboard and click “Next”.

If you would like to discuss the Android installation of KnowIT please see our forum KnowIT Android installation discussion.

In the event that you wish to either deactivate or uninstall or deactivate and uninstall KnowIT from your employees device see Deactivating and uninstalling KnowIT from your employees device.

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