Grant root permissions to KnowIT

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When the SuperSU dialog box appears tap "Grant" immediately to start the root permission process.

Depending on the results of KnowIT the software will then run in one of three root modes.  See the articles below for each rooting mode and how to complete installation.

  • Normal - Either you have not rooted your employees Android device before proceeding or you failed to grant root permissions to SuperSU when you were asked during the installation of KnowIT.  As a result you will not get any additional root features.
  • Limited - Some, but not all root permissions were granted to KnowIT by your employees rooted Android device.  As a result only IM capture can work.  All other listed root features are not available.
  • Full - Your employee's rooted Android device successfully granted all root permissions to KnowIT during installation.  This means that all of the listed root features will work.

If you would like to discuss the Android installation of KnowIT please see our forum KnowIT Android installation discussion.



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