How To Use the KnowIT Device Dashboard (PC/Mac/Mobile)

Each activated device has its own Device Dashboard. This is a device level Dashboard for quick access to specific employee information. Maybe you don’t need to track all data from all employees. Or maybe you only check certain types of data regularly.

From here you can add or remove data trackers, configure monitoring needs for individual employees, and customize what data appears in your top level view for any specific employee device.

For a desktop device, the Employee Tools > Reports icon takes you to custom Attendance and Productivity reports.

Use the Add Tracker tile to select which tracking data you want to monitor from this specific employee device. This tile will not appear if you’ve already added all trackers. For a description of all trackers for PC/Mac and mobile see the section here.

The number of events since your last login is displayed on the upper corner of each tracker tile. Click to open a tracker tile and view its’ current data.

Remove unneeded trackers from the dashboard using the “X” in the top-right corner of a tile. Please note that removing a tracker will also disable it's monitoring. Less commonly used trackers may be removed and added again whenever necessary.

Adding a Tracker enables it for monitoring, and removing it disables or turns off it's logging.

In the profile information area near the upper left, click the Edit icon to Edit the Device Name and upload a Profile Photo to identify whose device data you are monitoring.

In the upper center of the page, “Request Screenshot” will take a screenshot every 15 seconds for 5 minutes from the monitored PC on demand (not available for mobile devices).

Employee Tools also appears in this section, allowing you to override the default Company Work Days schedule with an employee specific schedule, and also to Manage Absences. These settings will affect Productivity and Attendance Reports.

 Please note that if you are viewing the Employee Tools section of a mobile device the Reports option will not be shown.  On mobile devices you will see a Live Listen Settings option here, allowing you to set up call recording and other options.

Summary Device Information is displayed in the upper right section of the page. Click “More Info” to view extended information specific to the device.

At the top right of the page, click the gear cog icon for the Device Control Center. The Control Center offers some top level and basic setting controls.

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