Live Call Monitoring

Live Call Monitoring for KnowIT allows you to use your own phone to listen in to all of your employees calls that takes place on their device. 

This feature requires several other features to be set up first in order to work.

Once you have successfully set up the Monitor number and watch list every time your employee makes or receives a call on their device you will get an SMS message on your own device alerting you that the call is currently in progress.

To listen in live in real time you then immediately call the employee's device and KnowIT will discretely patch you in to the conversation so you can listen in on what is being said.

Whilst we understand that the whole idea of listening in discretely to your employee's phone calls may be unethical please remember that KnowIT is a legitimate employee monitoring solution so your employees should all know in advance that they are being monitored by KnowIT on their devices and what it entails.

The Live Call Monitoring feature can be used to allow you to listen in live to sales calls for example to monitor how well your employee is doing and help train them to improve their skills.  It can also be used to monitor how productive your employees are being in the workplace. 

For example you can listen in to live calls that take place during work hours to see whether or not they are spending more time talking with their family or friends than they are completing that important work task for you.

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