Call Recording

Call Recording allows you to record employee mobile phone calls onto the KnowIT server. These files may be downloaded from your dashboard and played back on the local computer.

Select the day or date range for the report, and a list appears of all audio recordings created during the range selected.

Click the flag icon to the left of an audio file to bookmark it. Click the “Flagged” button at the top of the page to display only bookmarked items.

Contact Names are listed if there’s a corresponding entry in the phone’s Address Book.

Other details include the call duration and the date and time of the call.

Call Recordings cannot be streamed online but must be downloaded and played locally. These files are in the audio standard AMR format. If your media player cannot play .amr files we recommend the free VLC media player.

Full Call Recording options can be set from an employee’s device Control Center, under the Live Listening & Recording settings. The Watch List may also be used to determine which calls will be recorded.

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