Installing KnowIT on to a non-rooted Android device

If you are looking to install KnowIT on to a rooted Android device please see below.

Before proceeding you need to have made sure you have set up your KnowIT employee account and also downloaded the KnowIT Android installation file to the Android device of the employee you are monitoring.

Installing KnowIT on to a non-rooted Android device consists of the following steps:

  1. Enable installation of unknown sources
  2. Download KnowIT to the device
  3. Start the KnowIT installation
  4. Install KnowIT on to the device
  5. Open KnowIT on the device
  6. Finalise the KnowIT installation
  7. Activate KnowIT on your employees device
  8. Show or hide the KnowIT icon

Congratulations!  You should now have downloaded, installed and activated KnowIT on to your employees device.

KnowIT will start monitoring your employee.  Please see the article below to learn how to use and setup the KnowIT dashboard.

If you would like to discuss the Android installation of KnowIT please see our forum KnowIT Android installation discussion.

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