Downloading KnowIT to your employees device

 You must have completed the KnowIT setup wizard before you can progress to downloading KnowIT on to your employee's device.

Click Yes to proceed to the KnowIT Device Install Wizard.

The Device Install Wizard allows you to pick the device you will be installing KnowIT on to, the license you wish to activate and it will guide you through how to download and install KnowIT on to your chosen employee device.

The first thing you need to do is choose the type of device your employee has which you will be installing KnowIT on to.

Click your listed device to proceed.

Note: Depending on the platform chosen the steps that follow may vary.

As mentioned, depending on the platform chosen there may be some pre-requisites required before you can install KnowIT.  Information on these and what needs to be performed is usually found in the clickable link shown that links to this knowledgebase.

Click Next when you have done this and you are ready to proceed.

On the next screen download instructions will appear with a download link for you to use to install the software on to your employees chosen device.

Simply browse to the download URL on the device you wish to install KnowIT on to, download KnowIT and install it and then follow the on-screen steps to install and activate KnowIT.

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