Deactivating and uninstalling KnowIT from your employees device

Deactivating your license does two things. It deletes all data from the current account and frees the license to be used on another device.

Normally you will want to deactivate a license before uninstalling the software itself. However there are a few instances where you might want to either uninstall without deactivating, or deactivate without uninstalling.

Deactivate without Uninstalling
Do this if you need to free the license for use on a different machine, but want to monitor the same machine again in the future. As long as the software is installed, it is easy to activate again by entering a valid key in the activation window.

Uninstall without Deactivating
Do this if you no longer need to monitor the machine and don’t need to free the license, but don’t yet want to delete the monitored data in the account. As long as the key is left active, the data in the account is not deleted.

Turn Off All Monitoring
If you simply want to temporarily disable monitoring, you can turn off all logging from a device’s Control Center > Feature & Functionality > Event Logging.

How to Deactivate and Uninstall
Each can be done from several places inside your account dashboard:

  • Device Dashboard > Control Center > System & Support

  • Main Menu > All Devices > Action Menu for an activated device

In any place on the PC, simply typing *#123456789 (replace 123456789 with an actual license code) and hitting “Enter” will also bring up an activation window with the option to Deactivate or Uninstall.

If the license has already been deactivated, type *#900900900 and press Enter to bring up the same screen with the option to Activate or Uninstall.

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