Features and Functionality

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All trackers are enabled and monitoring is ON by default when KnowIT is first activated. Here you can quickly turn all data logging on or off (existing data will not be deleted), enable individual trackers or turn some trackers off if you don’t need them. For more information about each feature, see the help for Main Features.

Additional Setup for Some Trackers
A Key Logger is available for desktop clients only. Although the Keylogger tracker may be enabled here, no keystrokes will be logged until you select which applications should be monitored for keystrokes. This is done from the Keylog tracker screen.

Desktop Email captures webmail from Yahoo! Mail,, Gmail and AOL webmail services. All desktop browser activity is dependent on the Browser tracker being enabled (browser video and search terms, plus HTTP file transfers and Email). To capture webmail, Chrome and Firefox browsers also require the KnowIT web extension to be installed. For more information see the help for Installing Web Browser Extensions.

On Mobile devices Email capture refers to Email accounts which have been configured in phone settings. Webmail is not captured on mobile devices.

For more help on using the KnowIT Control Center or using any of the KnowIT features visit our forum Discuss KnowIT and its features.

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