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You can deactivate your software from the device here, and receive technical support information which might be useful in troubleshooting situations. Desktop software may also be uninstalled from here. For uninstalling the software from a mobile, see help on Deactivating & Uninstalling.

The System & Support menu also allows you to view the pending commands.  This is a log of recent commands and setting configurations requested by either you or the system. Pending commands have not yet completed.

Commands are executed by the server whenever the device connects, as scheduled by the device’s report timer setting in the Control Center > Connection & Capturing section. Commands here are still queued and haven’t yet executed, you can delete them by clicking the trash icon to the left of a command if it is no longer needed.

This section does not need configuration. It is meant to confirm when a command has not yet executed, and may be helpful in trouble shooting situations. Commands may only execute when an Internet connection is available.

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