Show or hide the Cydia and Pangu icons

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Tap “Configure”. You can set the visibility of Pangu (for iOS 8.x that is jailbroken by Pangu only), Cydia  and  KnowIT icons on the Target screen.

If you change Pangu and Cydia visibility from GREEN (visible) to GREY (invisible), both the Pangu and Cydia icons will be hidden. With Pangu and Cydia both hidden, the phone will not appear to be jailbroken. If you have not hidden the KnowIT icon already, you can also do it here.

***Pangu icon will only be seen on iOS version 8 jailbroken by Pangu only. If your iOS version is 6 or 7 you will only see the Cydia icon after jailbreaking***

If you would like to discuss the installation of KnowIT on an iOS device or need assistance see our forum KnowIT iOS installation discussion.

Software is installed and activated. You may now find settings and logs for this device in the KnowIT Devices list.

If you came here from the Activation Wizard, please return to your Dashboard and click “Next”.

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