Historical GPS Locations (Mobile)

Click Manage Location Settings to enable or disable Location tracking, and set how often a Location should be captured.

Click Request Current Location to receive a quick, on demand location for the immediate mobile device position.

Select a day or date range for the location report, and a list of all captured locations appears.

Individual locations appear on the left. Click in the middle of an entry for specific location information.

Click on the location icon for an entry and the map will center on the location selected.

Click the flag icon to highlight and bookmark any entry. Click the “Flagged” button at the top to display only bookmarked locations.

Click the Animate button to see a path of travel.

Click the Export button to download locations from the selected date range in standard KML files, which can then be imported into Google Maps or other mapping software.

Both the mouse and the on screen navigation controls can be used to move around the map or zoom.

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