Your Licenses

This menu can be accessed as follows:

  1. Click the Main Menu.
  2. Click Tools.
  3. Click Your Licenses.

All licenses may be reviewed from this page.

Clicking the "In Use" tab shows all currently activated licenses. Click the "Available" tab to see all unused licenses. Any license that has expired will be shown in the "Expired" tab.  Your license key is the code you will use for activation when installing a license onto a new device.

The Action menu on the right provides a direct link to each Device Dashboard. Go to the Device Dashboard to add alerts and trackers for individual employees. From the Device Dashboard of any employee, go to Employee Tools to configure settings for the specific employee device.

You can also see the online status of each device.  A green dot next to the device name indicates an active connection or log upload within the past 10 minutes. Active desktop computers with an Internet connection should maintain an online connection status. Active mobile devices should indicate a connected status at least once per every hour.


The Main Menu > Devices page lists all activated licenses. From there the Action menu options are "View Device Dashboard", "Add to Favorites", "Deactivate" and "Uninstall". For more information about these options please see here.

 You may Deactivate a license to free it for use on another device, or Uninstall the software from the device when you no longer need to monitor it.

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