Learn how to hide or unhide the Cydia icon if you have already installed KnowIT

If you have already installed and activated the software and you wish to hide/unhide Cydia or the software icon you must follow these steps:

  1. Get the TARGET device physically.
  2. Dial *# and then your license code as a call on the TARGET device.  You can find your license code listed in the Account section of your online portal.  The software icon will then appear.
  3. Tap the software icon, then tap the Configure option and follow the steps below.

Tap Phone Monitor to hide/unhide the software icon.

Tap Cydia to hide/unhide the Cydia icon.

Tap Pangu to hide/unhide (iOS 8.1 only)

Note: If any of the options listed are grey they are hidden.  If any of the options listed are green they are visible.

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