Installing KnowIT on to your employees Mac

Please make sure you have followed all the steps below before proceeding.

  1. Setting up your KnowIT Employee account

Now that you have done all that it is time to install KnowIT on to your employees Mac.

Your KnowIT account will look like this.

In a previous article we asked you to make sure that you either wrote down or copied and pasted your KnowIT license code to a safe place because now you will need it to activate the software.

Click Download Now for MAC to start the download.

The first thing to do is run the KnowIT download file you should have saved to your Mac. 


When the installation window appears click "Continue".

Click "Continue" again to agree to the license agreement.

Click "Agree" to proceed.

Click "Install" and enter your administrator password when asked and wait for the installation to finish.

Wait for the installation to complete and then click "Close".

Congratulations!  You have successfully downloaded and installed KnowIT on to your employees Mac. 

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