Activating KnowIT on your employees Mac

Now that you have downloaded and installed KnowIT to your employees Mac you need to run the program to perform activation.

To do this, using your keyboard hold down Command+Ctrl+Shift and then type 900900900 and the program should appear, ready to be activated.

If you make a mistake following the key combination above press the D key and then perform the key combination again.

Providing you have typed the key combination correctly the KnowIT activation screen should appear.

Type in your KnowIT license code and then click "Activate" and wait for the activation process to be completed.

Once KnowIT has been activated it will be hidden automatically and will run in the background.

Inside your KnowIT online account click "Finish".

Congratulations you have successfully activated KnowIT on your employees Mac.  See the article below to learn how to use the KnowIT portal to start monitoring.

In the event that you wish to either deactivate or uninstall or deactivate and uninstall KnowIT from your employees Mac see Deactivating and uninstalling KnowIT from your employees device.

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