Favorite Employees

The Favorite Employees section offers quick visibility on your most valuable information. If you’re monitoring many employees, you may not need access to everything all of the time. From here you can add and remove devices, and customize your view for quick access to the employees you're concerned about the most.

A list of the added employee devices appears here. Select an employee device for more information, to edit a custom name and profile image, to assign alerts and data trackers for the employee, and to configure how data is captured and reported for that device.

You can also see the online status of each device.  A green dot next to the device avatar indicates an active connection or log upload within the past 10 minutes. Active desktop computers with an Internet connection should maintain an online connection status. Active mobile devices should indicate a connected status at least once per every hour.

Remove an employee device by clicking the X in the upper corner of its tile. Removing a device from this area does not delete its data or deactivate trackers already configured for it. The device is still being monitored and may be re-added with all current data and tracking configurations. Tracking can only be turned on or off from each device’s Control Center.

The Add Device tile only appears when you have an activated device not currently appearing in the Favorites list. You can add as many activated devices as needed. Click the “Add Device” tile and select the device you wish to monitor. KnowIT must already be activated on a device before it can be added to the Favorites list.

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