Live Room Monitoring

Live Room Monitoring for KnowIT allows you to use your own phone to discreetly call your employee's phone to listen to the surroundings and to hear what is going on.  You may wish to use this feature to see if an employee is slacking off during work hours or if they really are out in the field making sales calls and not spending all day in Starbucks on your time.

Live Room Monitoring requires several other KnowIT features to be configured first in order to work.

Please understand that in order for this feature to work, at the time you call your employee's device it must not be in use in any way.  If it is not in use when you call it from the Monitor number then you will automatically start listening in to the surroundings discreetly but you must mute your own phone when you do this to avoid being heard.

If you call your employee's device to listen in discretely but the device is in use at that time then your call will be a normal call which means you may need to be prepared to answer the call.  You must then try calling the employee's device later when it is not in use to listen in.

Whilst you are listening in there will be no indication on your employee's device that this taking place.  As soon as your employee uses their device in any way (e.g. presses a button) you will be immediately disconnected to be safe.

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