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The Watch List is an important part of KnowIT's features and powers both call recordings and live call monitoring.  The Watch List is where you specify which incoming and outgoing employee calls you wish to either listen to live from your own phone, or record and download later from your KnowIT dashboard.

The Watch List is used in conjunction with the following KnowIT features:

For the purposes of Live Call Monitoring, the Watch List determines when to send a hidden SMS alert from the employee phone to your defined Monitor Number. This SMS notifies you of any calls connecting to the employee phone that match your Watch List settings, alerting you when there's a call being made that you may monitor live.

For Call Recording, the Watch List also determines which phone calls will be recorded for downloading from your KnowIT dashboard and listening to later.

Live Call Monitoring and/or Call Recording must each be enabled separately from the Control Center.

The Watch List offers options to monitor several types of calls:

Numbers in Watch List

In the "Your Watch List" section, you may enter up to five specific phone numbers you wish to either record or receive an SMS notification for listening to as a live call. If you are only interested in monitoring up to five specific numbers, you can enter those numbers here and then select only the "Numbers in Watch List" option.

Numbers should be entered in international format with plus (+) sign followed by country code and full domestic number with no leading zeros. For example a USA number is country code 1. USA phone numbers are 10 digits. A New York number would be entered as +12125551212. If the connecting call you want to monitor is from a different country with another country code, you can follow the same format rule.

Unknown Numbers

Monitor all calls from numbers that are "unknown" or "private", with no Caller ID information.

Numbers in Address Book

Monitor all calls from contacts that have already been entered into the contacts address book on your employee's device.

Numbers Not in Address Book

Monitor all calls from numbers that are not listed in the contacts address book on your employee's device.

To Cover All Calls

The simple way to record or receive an SMS alert for all connecting calls is to select the options for "Unknown Numbers", "Numbers in Address Book" and "Numbers Not in Address Book". No specific numbers would need to be added, because these three options together cover all connecting calls.

The watch list feature is a powerful employee monitoring tool.  It allows you complete control in choosing which calls you wish to monitor on your employee's mobile phone. 


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