Install KnowIT on to multiple computers using the USB installer

The PC and Mac installation wizard offers the choice to download the KnowIT installer to a USB stick, along with a text file containing all your KnowIT licenses. This then allows you to install KnowIT onto all your computers without needing to enter an activation code.
The USB installer will use the license codes from your account which are found inside the text file.  Once you have installed KnowIT on one computer, you can use the same USB stick to install it on the next computer. KnowIT will be activated using the next available license in the text file.
The installer also writes a log file to the USB stick so you can quickly see which licenses have been used on which computers, so you can easily keep track of multiple installations.
Note: You must download the KnowIT installer as well as the additional license text file from your online portal to use this feature.


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