The main Dashboard contains customizable widgets providing an overview of activity across your workforce. Your Dashboard is always accessible from the main menu, which slides out from the upper left corner of any page. 

A “New Alerts” icon appears only if you have new alerts since your last login. Clicking this notice opens the Alerts page where you can view current Alerts or add new Alerts.

To configure a widget, click the gear cog in it’s upper corner and select a Date Range. Specific dates can be selected from the main report pages, accessible by clicking directly on a widget's Title.

Widgets can be rearranged or removed by clicking a widget’s gear cog and selecting “Rearrange Widgets”. Then click and drag widgets into new locations. In this view a widget can also be removed by clicking the “X” in a widget’s upper right corner. When finished with your changes, click “Save Layout” from the top of the Dashboard.

At least one widget must remain active on the main Dashboard. To add or remove widgets from a complete list, click the gear cog of any widget and then click “Select Widgets”.

While Dashboard widgets offer a combined overview, clicking on the Title of a widget goes directly to that widget’s main report page for more detailed information.

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