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After creating a new Productivity Group and selecting the employee devices that belong to it, you'll see the list of installed applications.

In the upper right area of the apps list you can select All applications, User apps or System apps. In most cases you'll be more concerned with the User applications.

It is not necessary to assign a productivity rating to every application, but only the applications you want to monitor for productivity ratings within the Group you've created.

  • Select an application
  • Mark it as Productive, Neutral, Non-Productive or Prohibited by clicking the appropriate button and adding it to the Group*
  • After adding an application, it's Productivity status can also be changed from the Group list on the right
  • Apps may be removed from the list by selecting the application and clicking the trash icon

After you've categorized all the apps you want to monitor for your current group, click Save in the bottom right of the screen.

*Marking an app as "Prohibited" does not prevent it from being accessed, but user access can be viewed from the Built-In Alerts on the Alerts tracker page.

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