You can access this menu as follows:

  1. Click the Main Menu
  2. Click Productivity.

For an overview of how Productivity and Attendance scores work together and are calculated in the reports, please see here.

Productivity Groups are collections of apps and websites you predefine to be Productive, Neutral, Non Productive, or Prohibited.

The settings you create here are used to create Productivity Reports, and also to generate some of the Built-In Alerts.

You may have different Groups for different departments or employees. For example, applications you set as Productive for members of the Marketing Group may be marked as Non Productive or even Prohibited for an Accounting Group.

After creating a Productivity Group, you can add or remove individual employee devices.

Click on Create Productivity Group to get started, or click the tile of an existing Group you want to edit. You may also click the X in the upper corner of a Group tile to delete it.

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