Let us remotely install KnowIT for you

What is the KnowIT installation service?

If you want to install KnowIT on to an iOS device but you need help jailbreaking the device and installing KnowIT or to install on to an Android but you want someone to help you root it first and then install KnowIT then you need the KnowIT installation service.

As an add-on purchase to your KnowIT subscription the installation service quickly and easily let's you get started with KnowIT with the minimum of fuss.

How does the KnowIT installation service work?

  1. Purchase a KnowIT subscription along with the installation service
  2. Follow the steps inside the email you receive to contact our technicians
  3. With the device in your hand our technicians will root or jailbreak the device for you and then install and set up KnowIT.

What do you need to use the KnowIT installation service?

  1. The Android device you want rooting before installing KnowIT.
  2. The iPhone or iPad you want to jailbreak before installing KnowIT.
  3. Access to a PC with a dedicated internet connection.
  4. Your KnowIT accout login details.
  5. Up to an hour* depending on the Android device for rooting + KnowIT installation
  6. 15-30 minutes* for jailbreaking an iOS device + KnowIT installation.

* Please note the times are estimates.  They may be shorter or take longer.

Our trained technicians will then work with you remotely, using your PC and TeamViewer, to instruct and perform the jailbreaking or rooting of the device followed by installing KnowIT.

The KnowIT installation service covers all areas of getting started with KnowIT

After our technicians have installed and activated KnowIT for you on to your device they will then guide you through setting your KnowIT administrator portal.  This means making sure you have set up all your company information correctly inside your KnowIT administrator portal as well as showing you that the software has been activated on the device and data is currently being uploaded to your device dashboard.

Why should you choose the KnowIT installation service?

The KnowIT installation service takes the stress and worry out of installing KnowIT.  If your company is pushed for time and wants a quick solution to install KnowIT on to multiple iOS or Android devices then the KnowIT installation service is recommended.

Any further questions about the KnowIT installation service?

You can contact KnowIT support by submitting a ticket for more information on the KnowIT installation service if you have any more questions.

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