Network Traffic (PC/Mac)

The KnowIT network traffic tracker shows you detailed information about traffic that is flowing through your corporate network for any chosen employee.  You can easily see the total amount of data in MB that was transferred for the displayed dates and time along with the average connection speed.

Clicking the + next to any of the listed dates lets you drill in to the data further.  This means you can see the protocol type, amount of data that was transferred using that protocol and the average amount of data that the protocol usually transfers.

You can then drill even further by clicking the + button next to any of the protocols listed to view the remote connection that were made and the IP addresses that were contacted and how many bytes were uploaded and downloaded from each.

Data can be filtered to be viewed as an entire list or according to protocol type or the remote connections.  You can also filter the data by selecting a start date and end date or choosing one of the displayed date frequencies (e.g. last 7 days) using the calendar buttons displayed on-screen to quickly find the information you are looking for.


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