What is KnowIT Standard for iPhone/iPad?

KnowIT Standard for iPhone is KnowIT designed for compatible iOS devices which you have jailbroken first before KnowIT can be installed.

The benefit of this is that, with a jailbroken device, KnowIT offers many more features compared to the Enterprise version which is designed for non-jailbroken devices.

Unfortunately though not all version of iOS can be jailbroken.  There is no guarantee if or when any version of iOS will receive a jailbreak.  That means that there may be delays between one version of iOS version being jailbroken and another.

When this happens, if the device is later updated to an iOS version that cannot yet be jailbroken it means that KnowIT will not be able to be installed and will no longer function if installed already.

Because of this, even though you get less features with the Enterprise version of KnowIT, it may be the safer option in the long-term to avoid service disruption.

For a full list of features that come with KnowIT Standard for iPhone please see the page below.

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