Alerts > User Alerts (PC/Mac)

First you will see tiles for all system-wide Alerts, both global and device specific.

Click an existing Alert to see all captured Alert data for a given device. Click the Information icon in the upper right of an Alert tile to review its information or to delete it (Built-In Alerts cannot be deleted).

At the end of the list of existing Alerts, click Add Alert to create a new Alert. New Alerts can be assigned globally or only to specific employee devices.

Each Alert will monitor only one type of activity. For example, a single keyword or phrase used in either a Browser, IM, Email, File Transfer or Keystroke (in any application). You can create multiple Alerts with the same keywords for multiple types of activity, and then give each Alert a unique name.

When adding a new Alert, the alert can be applied to all employee devices (global alert) or to only a specific device.

If you select All Devices, the alert captures all instances when any of your added devices perform the chosen action (browser, key logs, IM, Email, File Transfer) using a matching phrase or keyword for the alert you’ve created.

Such an Alert is called a global alert. When viewing alerts, global alerts apply to everyone, so these alerts are listed by the alert name only.

Individual Alerts are created for a specific employee only, and are listed by both the employee device name and the name of the alert.

*Monitoring of web browser activity (including http file transfers) is dependent on the Browser Tracker being enabled. Webmail tracking in Chrome or Firefox is also dependent on the KnowIT web browser extension being installed. Please see main Help section > Installing Web Browser Extensions.

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