Data Export

KnowIT allows you to export tracked employee device data to Excel or CSV spreadsheet format. 

Access this section from an employee Device Dashboard (Main Menu > Favorite Employees or Main Menu > Devices) and then Employee Tools > Data Export.

  • Select Start and End dates for the report period*
  • Tick on "All Features" or select only specific data logs**

*Currently only single dates are possible
**All data features are available for selection, although actual trackers differ between mobile and desktop devices.

  • Create a name for your exported report
  • Finally, select Export Data as CSV or Export Data as XLS

Your export will be scheduled for download and initially listed as "pending" in the right hand side of the page. If your export options contain a substantial amount of data, it may take several minutes for the download to become available.

Once your data export is ready, you'll see a download icon next to your report in the scheduled list.

Notes: Some reports may take up to 10 minutes to prepare. If the download icon doesn't appear you can manually refresh the page to force an update.

Data export is also available from Main Menu > Tools > Data Export. Accessing the report from here allows you to select any employee, or combine tracked data from multiple employee devices into a single report.

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