Password Manager


The Password Manager is an optional module installed on a KnowIT administrator’s computer. Together with KnowIT on the employee desktop, it allows secure access to login credentials and other form field data from a centrally managed database. It is not necessary for employees to know the passwords themselves. A compatible fingerprint scanner is required.

How It Works

  1. Create a list of protected websites and applications from the Password Manager client application. Create login information for each protected site or app. Example;

    The protected websites and applications created in Password Manager client app can be seen in the KnowIT dashboard’s Password Manager section.

  2. Create login credentials for the apps and websites from either the Password Manager client application or the Password Manager section of the KnowIT dashboard.

  3. Employees created or added to Password Manager are separate from KnowIT employees.

    Employees and Departments can be imported into the Password Manager client application directly from Windows Active Directory. Employees may also be added manually from the Password Manager section of the KnowIT dashboard.

  4. Employees can log into known resources (sites and applications) from any KnowIT PC using a compatible finger scanner.
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