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Installing KnowIT Standard on a Jailbroken iOS Device

Before proceeding you need to have made sure you have set up your KnowIT employee account.

You must also make sure that before you install KnowIT on to the jailbroken iOS device that the device has been jailbroken first.  Digital Endpoint provides  instructions for how you can jailbreak all current versions of iOS for an iOS device using a PC.

Once you have successfully jailbroken the iOS device you are ready to install KnowIT.

Installing KnowIT on to a jailbroken iOS device consists of the following steps:

Step 1 - Add KnowIT to Cydia

You now need the iOS device in your hand with an active SIM card or cellular service. KnowIT must be downloaded directly into the phone you want to monitor. SIM cards can be changed after installation.

Go to Cydia (If you don't have Cydia, you need to jailbreak the device to get it).

Browse to the Sources menu


Tap "Edit".

Tap "Add"

Enter and tap "Add Source".

Tap "Return to Cydia" when completed.

Step 2 - Install KnowIT

Tap on the Cydia URL  we just entered, which is

Tap "Utilities".

Tap on the KnowIT application.

Tap "Install".

Tap "Restart Springboard" when displayed.

After restarting springboard, the screen may be locked. Please unlock it and wait for 15 seconds. The activation screen will appear automatically.

Step 3 - Activate KnowIT

Enter your KnowIT Standard Activation Code and tap "OK".  You can find this inside your KnowIT online portal.

Note: If the activation screen does not appear automatically, do not worry. Tap the phone button and then the keypad option and dial *#900900900 as a call and end the call. 

The KnowIT program will appear, enter your Activation Code and tap “Activate”

As soon as you see "Activation Success!" the software is activated on the device and ready to use. Tap "OK" to continue.

Step 4 - Configure KnowIT

After choosing the software’s visibility, you will see the software’s settings screen.

Tap “Configure” to show or hide the Cydia and Pangu icons.

If you're out of the settings screen by accident but you left the KnowIT icon visible, tap on the icon to get back in. If the KnowIT icon has been hidden, tap the Phone icon and then dial *#Activation Code as a call (your license code numbers). 

Important note for iPad users

For iPad, go to Notes, type *#Activation Code and tap on the top right icon to add this Note into the device to get back into the settings screen.

Step 5 - Start tracking your employee's iOS device

Congratulations!  You should now have downloaded, installed and activated KnowIT on to your employees device.

Please see the articles below to learn how to use and setup the KnowIT dashboard.

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