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            MDM Installation Via NFC for Corporate Owned Devices (OS 5.x - 6.x)

            Mobile Device Management (MDM) implements custom provisioning of mobile devices for the purpose of administrative management. 

            KnowIT MDM does not require rooting and does not include the more advanced monitoring features.

            At present, KnowIT offers 4 unique MDM features:

            • Lock the device
            • Factory reset
            • Clear or change device password
            • Control the camera

            There are two ways to provision a device and install KnowIT onto it:

            • QR code installation (Android OS 7+)
            • NFC app (Android OS 5.x - 6.x)

            This guide is for installing with MDM options onto Android devices running OS 5.x-6.x using the NFC method only. If you have a newer device running OS 7.x+, choose the MDM / Corporate Owned option from the install wizard in your KnowIT dashboard to use the easier QR method.

            Provision by NFC and install KnowIT


            • The device you install KnowIT onto must be NFC capable.
            • You will need to install a specific app onto a second android device which is also NFC capable.

            The 2nd device can be any Android with NFC and will only be used during the provisioning and installation process.

            1. Install the NFC app onto the 2nd device (not the device you will install KnowIT onto).
            2. You will also need the configuration file attached to this article. Download the attached file "nfcprovisioning.txt" and open it in a text editor.

            3. Open the configuration text file and replace {$APK_PATH} with the URL path to the latest version of the KnowIT apk file. The path will look like this:
     but the file version may be different.

              To confirm the latest pathname to download from, go back to the KnowIT install wizard and choose MDM > BYOD. The current path and filename will be shown. In the config file replace {$APK_PATH} with this.

            4. Save the configuration file as .txt and copy it to this 2nd device's SD card root.

            5. Now run the NFC_Provisioning app and verify your screen looks like this:

              The names in the two fields should appear as in the image. If they do not, the nfcprovisioning.txt configuration file may be in the wrong SD card location.

            6. Factory reset the device you want to install KnowIT onto. Wait until the following screen appears:

            7. Now with the NFC app running on the 2nd phone, bump the two devices together. On the NFC device, you should see this screen:

              Now on the device you are installing KnowIT on, step through the following screens which should appear:

            8. Finally once the client is installed, you should see the home screen like this:

            9. To allow the KnowIT app to auto update as normal, you will need to turn off "Scan device for security threats" from Play Protect in the device settings:

            10. On the device you installed KnowIT, launch the KnowIT icon to bring up the Activation screen. Enter your Activation Code here to activate the software.

              You can find your Activation Code by going back to the install wizard and selecting Android / MDM /  BYOD and clicking the Activate button. Enter this code into the device's KnowIT Activation screen.

            11. Once activated, you have the choice to hide the KnowIT icon on the device or leave it visible. If left visible it will confirm device activation status when launched, but does not allow access to the application or its configurations.
            Updated: 12 Nov 2018 03:36 PM
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