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Installing KnowIT On Employee PCs

Please make sure you have set up your KnowIT Employee account before proceeding.

Important Prerequisites

  • Antivirus software may prevent downloading or fully installing KnowIT due to the many processes being monitored.
  • To avoid installation problems, temporarily disable your anti-virus software until after KnowIT has been fully installed, and its system folders have been excluded from future anti-virus scanning.
  • Most A/V apps have a shortcut to temporary disable scanning from the Windows system tray menu. Make sure you have turned off any resident shield and file scanning functions before installing KnowIT.
  • Full instructions for excluding all KnowIT files from future scanning is given at Step 4 after installation is completed.

Step 1 - Log into your KnowIT portal & download KnowIT to the PC

Now that you have done all that it is time to install KnowIT on to your employees PC.

Once you have logged in click the hamburger menu in the top-left corner and click Tools > Install Device Software.  

Your KnowIT account will look like this:

Click PC/Mac


Click Download Now for PC and save the installation file to your PC. 

Important Installation Notes

  • If you want to install KnowIT onto many PC's using our USB installer see the article here

  • To install it via GPO and your corporate network see the article here.

Now that you have downloaded KnowIT and configured antivirus settings the next thing to do is run the KnowIT download file you should have saved to your PC. 

Step 2 - Run the KnowIT installer

KnowIT requires to be ran with Administrator privileges. 

When you do this the KnowIT installation wizard will appear:

Click "Yes" to agree to the license agreement. 

If you haven't already configured your antivirus software to run with KnowIT see step 5. Once you have done that return back to the wizard.

Click "Next" to proceed and wait for KnowIT to be installed. 

Step 3 - Activate KnowIT

Once this has been completed you will be asked for your KnowIT activation code. 

Type in your KnowIT activation code listed inside your KnowIT portal and then click "Activate".

Click "OK" once activation is successful.

Inside your KnowIT online account click "Finish" to complete the installation. 

Congratulations, you have successfully activated KnowIT on your employees PC.  

Step 4 - Configure your antivirus software for KnowIT

Now that KnowIT is installed, your antivirus must be configured to exclude all KnowIT files from future scanning before it can be re-enabled.
View how to set antivirus exclusions here:

KnowIT and Antivirus

Step 5 - Start tracking your employees PC

See the article below to learn how to use the KnowIT portal to start monitoring. 

Device Dashboard (Computer Monitoring) 

In the event that you wish to either deactivate or uninstall or deactivate and uninstall KnowIT from your employees PC seeDeactivating and uninstalling KnowIT from your employees device

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